Home Zoning: Enhanced Comfort and Savings From Your Heating

For even better control and energy efficiency for your home's heating across Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire, Cole Services can help you with a home zoning upgrade or new installation.


When your home is split into multiple heating and air conditioning zones it gives you greater control over your personal comfort, with the ability to set the desired temperature in each area. Family members can set the area temperature according to their own preferences.

Home zoning can help make your heating and air conditioning system up to 10% - 20% more energy efficient, because the system can monitor the temperature in each zone, and regulate the amount of heating and cooling required separately. For example, if one area gets a lot of sun, it may require less heating than another area and the system can set the needs accordingly. Another way you can save is by not having to heat or cool areas of the home that you're not using - if the whole family is in a single zone you can just heat or cool that area and save elsewhere in the home.

Cole Services Heating is the heating specialist in Southern California, with great same day service across Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire. Our experienced heating technicians are fully trained, licensed and insured to provide you with a level of friendly, professional service that is second-to-none.

For a FREE estimate of how home zoning can help you, either as an upgrade to an existing system or in conjuction with the installation of a replacement system, Cole Services Heating can help.

For all your home zoning questions and needs, or to organise a free estimate, call and speak with Cole Services Heating today.



Cole Services is a top-notch organization. Each employee exemplifies professionalism and excellence in there work no matter what the task is. There response is quick and each team upon arrival concentrates on the problem that needs to be address. I was extremely impressed with Tony who helped me with my recent situation and who recognized my needs. The task is on going at this time, but the team that was assigned has performed with excellence...

Chuck Cotrell

I called Cole's with an emergency, plugged drain, talked to Bernard, explained the situation. He was very helpful and gave me a good explanation of the service I was to get including estimated cost. He also understood that I needed the service ASAP, Bernard had a service tech out within 2 hours. The service tech's name is Grant, he was very courteous and clean, got right down to business, assessed the problem fixed it, presented me with the bill with the aforementioned costs...

Robert Gonsalves

Kianna ("Kai") had me at hello! From the moment she loved all over my dogs I knew she was a keeper! Not only did Kai complete the service well, she was gracious enough to show me step by step the things she was doing (move over, dad!) so I could have a better understanding. I felt confidant that she was an expert at her craft and I walked away knowing a thing or two about my furnace/air conditioning unit! My experience was educational, friendly, and efficient! Yes, please, let's do this again!!! Thank you, Kai!

Jamie Mahkorn Malchak

The stars I'm giving are for our service rep, Kai. We have not had the best service with Cole up to this point to say the least. We were expecting another poor experience, but from the moment Kai showed up (on time) she was nothing but helpful and friendly. She found the issue, corrected it and then tested the fix several times to make sure it was, in fact, fixed. I cannot say enough good things about Kai and will always request her to be our service tech.

Andrea Haverkamp

The staff at Cole Services is very accommodating and courteous... Bernard in the office saw that I was not able to leave and get my husband a birthday card because I was waiting for the reps to come for an appt... so he very graciously offered to have them stop and buy a card for me.... and they did!!! What a great company and staff.

Cory Watkins

Cole arrived as soon as we called. They understood our crazy plumbing and brought the equipment to figure it out quickly and efficiently. David Lindsey was great. He answered all of our questions, explained their procedures and even managed to get us back together when they were finished. He is very personable and able to talk to people.

CA Deen