Air Conditioning Energy Savings: Saving on Your Cooling

One of the most important benefits of a new air conditioning system can be the improved energy efficiency that it provides over older systems, which can save you money and help the environment (newer systems also use a more environmentally friendly refrigerant as an additional benefit).

Cole Services can help you maximize your home energy savings with an assessment of your current usage, and estimate how much a newer system would save you.

Discover more about how you can save:

- HIGH EFFICIENCY AIR CONDITIONING: Modern air conditioning technology is far more energy efficient than older systems. Our state-of-the-art systems can achieve up to 21 SEER efficiency, meaning that you could save almost half the running costs of an older 10 SEER system from a few years ago. If your system is a more than ten years old, there's an excellent chance you could be saving year after year. (SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is the standard for measuring cooling efficiency across the season. It's the cooling output of the system divided by the energy input, if you manage to halve the energy required to create the same cooling output, the SEER rating doubles.) Ask us about the most energy efficient systems on the market (we are authorized dealers for leading systems), and about how you can save.

- HYBRID HEAT PUMP SYSTEMS: Hybrid systems offer you the opportunity to save even more on your home comfort, especially if you currently only use a furnace for your heating. With a hybrid system, you can enjoy energy efficient summer cooling, and save on your heating later in the year too. Not only is your new installation likely to be more energy efficient than the system it replaces across the board, having both a heat pump and a furnace in your home introduces a new level of flexibility. That's because heat pumps are by their nature more efficient than gas furnaces. A furnace uses fuel as its sole source of heat, and high efficiency systems work hard to lose as little as possible. Heat pumps draw their heat from the outside air, effectively the actual source of the heat is the sun, and electricity is used to run the system. The result is generally that the heat outputted by the system is actually far more than the energy put into it - the heating efficiency is above 100%, and sometimes as high as 400%. The efficiency is higher the warmer it is outside. The benefit then is that in spring and fall, and even on more clement winter days, you can be using the more efficient heat pump. And when temperatures drop low you can switch over to your gas furnace. The other benefit is that as gas and electricity prices change, you have more heating options available to alter your usage accordingly. Cole Services can help you with a complete energy efficient home comfort solution.

- EXPERT INSTALLATION: The EPA stresses the importance of a professional installation in obtaining the best efficiencies of your new system. The ratings of the systems are only the maximum achievable, they have to be installed correctly to achieve them. Cole Services Air Conditioning are specialists in cooling energy efficiency in Southern California.

- DIGITAL PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTATS: Recommended by the EPA as one of the simplest ways to improve the energy efficiency of an existing system, digital programmable thermostats help by being able to automate the heating and cooling of your home. For example, the system can be set to come on before you get up in the morning, or if you are at work all day it can come on an hour before you get home rather than having to run all day in your absence.

- ALL OF HOME ZONING: Dividing your home in cooling and heating zones can not only add comfort, but it can bring energy efficiency savings too. If part of the house isn't occupied, then you have the option not to cool or heat that area as much (or at all). Only having a smaller area to cool or heat can save money, of course.

When it comes to saving the most from your new air conditioning system, Cole Services Air Conditioning can help answer all your questions, and provide a professional solution which will help you save year after year. Call us today.


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I called Cole's with an emergency, plugged drain, talked to Bernard, explained the situation. He was very helpful and gave me a good explanation of the service I was to get including estimated cost. He also understood that I needed the service ASAP, Bernard had a service tech out within 2 hours. The service tech's name is Grant, he was very courteous and clean, got right down to business, assessed the problem fixed it, presented me with the bill with the aforementioned costs...

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Kianna ("Kai") had me at hello! From the moment she loved all over my dogs I knew she was a keeper! Not only did Kai complete the service well, she was gracious enough to show me step by step the things she was doing (move over, dad!) so I could have a better understanding. I felt confidant that she was an expert at her craft and I walked away knowing a thing or two about my furnace/air conditioning unit! My experience was educational, friendly, and efficient! Yes, please, let's do this again!!! Thank you, Kai!

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The stars I'm giving are for our service rep, Kai. We have not had the best service with Cole up to this point to say the least. We were expecting another poor experience, but from the moment Kai showed up (on time) she was nothing but helpful and friendly. She found the issue, corrected it and then tested the fix several times to make sure it was, in fact, fixed. I cannot say enough good things about Kai and will always request her to be our service tech.

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The staff at Cole Services is very accommodating and courteous... Bernard in the office saw that I was not able to leave and get my husband a birthday card because I was waiting for the reps to come for an appt... so he very graciously offered to have them stop and buy a card for me.... and they did!!! What a great company and staff.

Cory Watkins

Cole arrived as soon as we called. They understood our crazy plumbing and brought the equipment to figure it out quickly and efficiently. David Lindsey was great. He answered all of our questions, explained their procedures and even managed to get us back together when they were finished. He is very personable and able to talk to people.

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